A brief history of our 1973 Leyland Leopard – the Luff Bus

The iconic Luff Bus, a sleek Leyland Leopard, started its life back in 1973 on the streets and roads of the Scottish Highlands. Having spent a good stint ferrying passengers here, there and everywhere, it then moved on to Fife, Scotland, where it enjoyed many relaxing days carrying out day trips for people in need.

This wasn’t the end of it’s charitable lifestyle, however. The Luff Bus (though at this point, of course, nobody yet knew its catering destiny…) was, a few years later bought by the Charity Compass Travel. This company took our amazing bus all the way to Chernobyl, where it carried out the selfless and incredible task of taking children who lived in the area out to enjoy outdoor activities. Day in, day out, the bus was filled with rafts, bikes and lots of other outdoor gear then loaded up with children who would be taken out into the area’s National Parks to have some wholesome fun.

At the point that the bus came back to the UK, Compass Travel decided to sell the bus and we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. We’d been looking for the perfect catering vehicle for some time and, as soon as we set eyes on this beauty, we knew that this Leyland Leopard was just perfect for us.

On the day of the big collection of the Luff Bus, company founder Ian Luff flew up to Edinburgh Airport where he was given a 20 minute crash course (not literally!) in how to drive this beauty, before taking it back down the winding lanes to Wales.

Upon arrival in Wales, Ian Luff and his colleagues began the great transformation and the Luff Bus started to take shape into what it is today. Installing a professional standard kitchen, fitting out banquette-style seating and tables and of course, buying one of the best espresso machines money can buy, the Luff Bus was ready to go.

Now one of the South West’s sought after catering facilities, this iconic 1973 Leyland Leopard now offers superb, honest and locally sourced catering for events, weddings, private parties, pop-up dining and more at locations across the South West and beyond.